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After the success of the broad and powerful second LP Alone In Time?, Ø [Phase] continues his ongoing connection to Token with the Submerged Metropolitan EP.

The title track enters with Burchett's own brand of unease; the lead is tense and discordant, moving over a bumpy, rolling kick. Brushing off-beat hats rush overhead and play delicately with this unease above the thunder. A vague spoken word sample adds texture and contributes to the cerebral edge.

Ethereal swells and intense rhythmic play introduce Fallen Columns, which delves into atonality with keys that add a controlled recklessness to the composition.

This Absent Mind takes on a hypnotic, dubby form with a confidence that belies its complexity. A sublime breakdown introduces the heavier second half of the track, which enters impressively and batters on to the end.