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At 8 already, Token serves you one of Grovskopa's best tracks ever.
Mika Hallbäck hails from Sweden and has released earlier on notorious labels like Surface, Warmup & Audio Assault, while also operating his own labels Emergence & Pohjola.
'Sex & Violins' is a brutal peak time techno track, that asks for everyone's attention. These hard & industrial drums can't & won't be ignored. Surgeon noticed it too but Grovskopa was not a newcomer to him, he already played several tracks by him and even compiled one on his last mix compilation for the legendary Warp label.
Surgeon, one of the best who ever did it & still does it, approaches Grovskopa's track from another angle and brings more warmth & melody to the cold beats of the original track. His epic remake builds down to a down tempo beat with a dubstep feel.
The combo of the headstrong & powerful original track and the epic atmosphere embodied by Surgeon's remake, makes this a strong & timeless 8th release for the rapidly growing Token.
www.tokenrecords.com / www.grovskopa.com / www.dj-surgeon.com

A Grovskopa - Sex and Violins (Original Mix)
B Grovskopa - Sex and Violins (Surgeon Remix)